UK 49s: All you Need to Know About This Lottery

One of the most popular lottery games, both online and offline, is UK 49s. Lotto fans enjoy this game because it a lot different from the others out there as it gives the players a lot of control. This means that the game allows the players to make a choice on how much they wish to play. The setup of this lottery game is different from that of the others out there.

This game is run by the 49s UK Lotto Ltd, a company based in London, UK. Other than the 49s draw, the company also operates Rapido, Irish Lotto Bet and also greyhound and virtual horse racing. National lottery was established in the UK in 1996 and that’s when 49s UK Lotto Ltd was launched. The company gets its funds from the LBO’s.

The draw is basically a lottery, which is held two times in a day. The first draw is called the lunchtime draw because it is held at 12:49 in the afternoon. The second draw is referred to as the teatime draw, which is held at 17:49 pm. The numbers 1 till 49 are used in every draw and six numbers and ‘one booster ball’ drawn. Major betting offices can be used for playing this particular lottery. A new game has also been launched, which is called the 49s lotto raffle. It requires you to choose a color and 8 numbers, which have to match the 12 numbers and this leads to a prize of £20,000. While the raffle is held in the United Kingdom, UK 49s lotto tickets online can be purchased from any part of the world, even by non-UK residents.

Thanks to technological advancement, it is now possible for you to play UK 49s online and get a chance to win the jackpot or other prizes for that matter. You can play it online in two ways; either through direct debit or use a loaded account. If you want to use a loaded account, you will first have to deposit funds into the account and then use them for participating in the lottery. If you are able to win, an email will be sent by the National Lottery. If you win instantly, the reward will be transferred to your account directly. But, if you are using direct debit for playing UK 49s, you will first need to sign up and provide your bank details.

Your numbers are then entered automatically and the National Lottery will inform you of any winnings via email. But, how is this lottery different from others? In standard lottery games such as the US Powerball, you buy a ticket for a fixed cost and the jackpot is predetermined because it is a percentage of revenue earned from the ticket sales. In UK 49s, the odds for every-possible result are predetermined and players have the option of deciding the amount they wish to bet. This is how UK 49s is able to offer you a greater degree of control and has made it the top choice of lotto fans. 

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