A Complete Guide to Gas Safety Check

A gas safety check is not the same thing as a gas service. The purpose of this safety check is to inspect any gas appliances, which includes cookers, boilers and filers (portable or permanent), for the purpose of ensuring that they are working safely and correctly. It is essential that only a Gas Safe Registered engineer carries out the gas safety check.

What is done in a gas safety check?

A gas service involves an in-depth inspection of pipework, gas appliances, flues and vents. In contrast, a gas safety check is performed to check the following:

If the appliance is performing at the correct operating pressure
Whether the chimney and flues are clear and allow the appliance to emit fumes and gas safely to the outside
To ensure the appliance has an adequate air supply and is burning gas correctly
To check if the safety devices on the appliances are in correct working order like cut out devices

If gas safety checks are not performed on a regular basis, your appliances will emit harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and they will escape into your home. Every household that uses gas appliances needs to get a gas safety check performed annually by a gas safe registered engineer. Bear in mind that a gas safety inspection is not enough and appliances need to be serviced once a year to ensure they are running safely and efficiently. You can hire an annual service that performs an annual safety check and inspection both. 

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