Top Mistakes to Avoid when Creating a Home Cinema

If you do a search for home cinema on any search engine and take a look at the images, all you see is lavish theatres that have lots of seating and giant screens. Sure, they look appealing, but the problem is that not everyone has the space or the budget for making it come true. Instead, home cinemas are usually made in living rooms or, if you are lucky, a small, spare room that’s dedicated to home entertainment. The problem occurs when you are creating a home cinema in a normal room because you cannot control every element and end up making mistakes.

Some of the top mistakes you should avoid when making a home cinema are:

Mistake 1: Don’t look up 

Looking up, especially for the course of a few hours, can cause pain in your shoulders and neck. Therefore, ergonomic experts recommend that you should position the display in a way that your gaze lands somewhere between the top edge to the top quarter of the screen. Thus, depending on the height of the seating in your home cinema, you need to put in the screen about 3 to 5 feet off the floor.

Mistake 2: Don’t sit too far or too close 

It is a fact that proximity to an object can change your perception, but a lot of people don’t remember this when creating a home cinema. If you sit too close, it can decrease the perceived quality and sitting too far can make it difficult to appreciate fine details. The optimal viewing distance depends on the size of the screen and the room. You can hire experts such as and they will be able to guide you properly in this regard.

Mistake 3: Don’t let the sun come in 

The image quality can be affected by lighting, which means you need to put your screen in the optimal spot. It should never be placed somewhere direct sunlight can fall on it and it should not be kept opposite a large window. If you have bright rooms, you should think about investing in blinds or blackout shades as they can keep the lighting out even on a sunny day.

Mistake 4: Don’t forget to consider foot traffic 

Obviously you don’t want people walking in front of your screen when you are in your home cinema, but it is in your living room, it is difficult to avoid. Make sure you place your screen and furniture in such a way that people don’t have to walk in front to get to the other side, especially when you have kids in the house.

Mistake 5: Don’t put speakers in the furniture 

Speakers can make a great difference in a home cinema, but if people deem them unsightly, they can end up in a cabinet. This can be a big mistake because when sub-woofers are kept in cabinets, they can muddy and muffle the output and this also happens to the speakers. Hence, you might not get the right sound experience if you put them in a cabinet.    

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