Amazon Echo Dot Review

The future is really here with AI assistants that can now make our lives easier than ever because all you have to do is speak out commands and get the information you need. Now, you don’t have to have your smartphone handy for doing the most basic tasks. It was the Amazon Echo that made this all possible, but the downside was that it was a little too expensive and big for everyone to get. This prompted Amazon into introducing the Echo Dot, a more affordable and smaller alternative. This device offers you everything that you can find in the larger Echo, but the price has been really slashed.
Moreover, the Echo Dot comes with some very essential features such as the 3.5mm output and Bluetooth, which weren’t available previously. The Echo was undeniably a fantastic device for every home, but the launch of the Echo Dot has put it on the must-buy list. You will definitely see some major improvement at home when you decide to get the Echo Dot. It has only one rival i.e. the Google Home Mini, but the audio output of the Echo Dot makes it a better option. It is also round and short, which allows it to be incorporated easily into any room.
The height of the Amazon Echo Dot is about an inch and a half, which makes it considerably shorter than the Echo. Most of the bigger Echo is due to the speaker and that’s not something everybody will need. The small-sized Echo Dot has a very tiny speaker built-in and that’s to enable Alexa, the voice assistant, to talk to you. The 3.5mm outputs and Bluetooth have been provided for better listening, which means that you can connect Alexa to any sound system. You can go with desktop micro-systems or use portable speakers if you like.
The most noticeable difference between the Echo and the Dot is the addition of audio outputs and the size reduction. However, some other small tweaks have also been made. Instead of a matte paint job, Amazon has gone with a glossy finish this time around. Moreover, a set of volume buttons have also been added on the top of the device. For the big Echo, the volume button was basically its twisty top. As the Dot is compact, this functionality couldn’t be included. Other than that, the power supply has seen some changes as they have forgone the bespoke plug and chosen the micro-USB.
You will not find any built-in battery, but that’s mostly because the device is made for home use. Other than its external music and space-saving capabilities, the Dot has the same features as that of the Echo. In very simple terms, you can control the Echo Dot by simply talking to it. Unless the mute button is pressed, the device will always be listening. You just have to say your selected prompt word like Alexa, Echo or Amazon and the device will be ready to do your bidding. You can use it for performing search functions and similar tasks when you are feeling lazy.
But, that’s not all. You can also control other smart elements with the Echo Dot like ordering a takeaway, controlling your music or even dimming the lights of the room; just speak to Alexa. The voice recognition is very impressive as it can even understand you when you are in the next room. You can even do your shopping by voice if you want. In very concise terms, the Echo Dot can offer greater versatility than the bigger Echo and do it all for a third of its price. It is useful and unique; something everyone wants to try out.


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