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I run a company in India. I came across Eshop USA Inc. by doing some web research. They provide a variety of services which are based on and off the USA. They basically handle the business' transactions, playing the role of a middleman, and a good one too, at that.
I availed two of their services. I started a virtual business in the USA and let them handle my freight and ship it to some places.
Starting a virtual business in the USA through them was a very good idea. I wanted to scale up my operations and also venture out somewhere globally. Eshop USA Inc allowed me to do that. I have tie-ups with some companies in the US. And I could not be available at all times there. So, availing of this service was the best option and they provided some excellent service. They provided me with a mailing address and I could use it to receive any mail of importance. They would let me know if I received anything and would immediately allow me to access whatever was mailed to that address of mine. They notify you in an instant and make sure that nothing goes wrong. They are very responsible and efficient and never have I received any service of a low-quality nature from them. They know to provide the best and keep you happy and satisfied.
My business has grown a lot because of them and I would recommend business concerns who are looking for opportunities globally to avail this service before they venture out.
Another service that I availed was of freight management and forwarding. This is done on a small-scale with opening the virtual office. But, I felt that I needed some special attention given to it. There are some products which are not available in my home country and I could rely on them to purchase it for me. They would store it in their warehouse and let me know in an instant about every detail. This service is especially useful if someone wants to send shipments in bulk to various places. I purchase a lot in bulk and give them exact details on what is to be done with the cargo and give them the shipping addresses. And I’m so happy to say that never have they failed once in their task. There are some mishaps bound to occur. But, no, they are awesome and efficient and do not give way to any failure. All my clients have received their products on time and there has not been any damage to the shipments, at all. They have it covered with insurance too, which gives more security to the whole process.
I’m greatly satisfied with the quality of services and would surely recommend business concerns to avail their services, as the rates are very much worth their services.

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