Corporate Gifts VS Promotional Gifts

Many companies tend to ignore the difference between corporate gifting and promotional gifting. Since this has become a common practice where the enterprises think that both the terms are similar and so, the items purchased for both the categories can be the same as well.
Corporate and promotional gifts are as different as apples and pears. Both the terms are used for different purposes and come with varied meanings. Let’s find out how…
Promotional Gifts
The purpose of promotional gifting is to advertise and build a brand’s recognition. In today’s stricter business sector, the idea of promotional gifts has become far more than just an emergent trend for brand awareness. Many companies give their businesses a boost with various promotional products which suit their needs. Some use unique and personalized promotional gifts that help their products or services reach a broader target audience. Items used for promotional gifts include notepads, T-shirts, pens, diaries, and other promotional products imprinted or engraved with the company logo or important information. The benefits of using promotional products are widespread, enabling you to get your business out there in the unique ways.
Corporate Gifts
Corporate gifts are those used for awarding your loyal clients and employees as the sign of concern and appreciation for the efforts they make toward the betterment of your company. For some enterprises, a perfect Singapore corporate gift can be any high-quality item that is tastefully imprinted or engraved with their logo. There is a wide range of corporate products that can be used as an effective way to thank, inspire, and reward your staff, clients or potential customers while still informing people about your company.
Companies generally give their foreign and loyal clients the corporate gifts that are expensive and made up of high quality material. These items may include baskets of luxury articles like perfumes, organic dark chocolates, handmade cookies, scented candles, expensive home décor or other luxury personalized products.
The Difference
The usage of corporate and promotional gifts justifies personality while the significant difference between these two is “the type” and “the purpose” of each gift type.
  • Promotional products are meant to build your brand image and reputation. They are distributed to those who are not your clients in order to help them get familiarized with your brand or services.
  • A Singapore corporate gift is used to show appreciation to the clients and employees. The basic purpose of this type of gifting is to build a healthy relationship between the two entities.
  • The quality of corporate giveaways is always higher when compared to promotional gifts. Due to difference and unpredictability in the quality of the gift types, the prices of both can be different significantly.
  • Business gifts are the best to make deep relationships, and so require more time and money than promotional products. The feature of mass distributions makes corporate giveaways truly cost-effective.
  • Corporate products are reserved for prominent clients in order to remind them of your world-class services. They build a relationship call, making the clients contented.
In Conclusion
Whether it’s a promotional, conference or corporate, all gifts given by the company are used as an important marketing tool that builds friction with loyal clients. Even though it is important that companies use each gift type with a good purpose, they need to understand the difference between them so that the purpose can be fulfilled effectively

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