Zamak Alloys: Application and Implementation

Babbit ingot application, implementation and precautions in industries

    • Metaconcept group is manufacturing the high quality zamak alloys and Babbit ingot
    • Metaconcept group provide 100% Guarantee on all of their made products.
    • Bibbit ingot is manufactured with the most excellent quality material by the Metaconcept group.

What are Zamak Alloys?

Zamak is one of the most excellent quality alloys in the world of manufacturing. The zamak alloys are manufactured by comprising zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper. That’s how the mixture of all these alloys lead to Zamak alloy. All of the metals used in the production of the zamak alloys are of very premium quality. The Metaconcept group ensures and guarantees on all of its manufactured products especially in this case the zamak alloys.

The usage of zamak alloys

Zamak Alloys are widely used in the automotive niche of industries, in the multiple mechanical constructions areas, kids’ toys, and modern furniture, various leather goods, in the costume jewellery and also in everyday fashion (mostly used in the making of buckles for shoes and men/women belts).

Specifically for the small manufacturing companies, the Metaconcept group have manufactured a particular breed of alloys to fulfil their small needs. This is something that was required long ago in the market, but the Metaconcept group has done it. The unique breed of the alloy is the centrifugal casting line which is created by the centrifuging process. The reason it is best for the small manufacturing companies is its low cost in manufacturing and ease of implementing to make products, all of it significantly reduce the manufacturing costs for the small firm owners.
Zamak Alloys multiple applications

    • Costume jewellery industry
    • Figurines industry
    • Modelling market
    • Miniatures
    • Decoration, furniture market
    • Fashion accessories production
    • Leather goods production
    • Surface treatments such as gold plating and silver plating
    • Mechanics and electricity niche of the industry: mostly for multiple customers’ fixings

The Implementation of the zamak alloys

The METACONCEPT Group always provide its customers with the implementation manual and guidelines to properly use and implement the alloy for the best use possible. There are large implementations of Zamak Alloys, but some highlights will be described below, You have to carefully implement all these measures to implement the Zamak alloys successfully.

    1. The process of fusion in the multiple crucibles and tanks.

    2. First, empty the crucible at least one third of the total volume before you start the process of                refilling of the new alloys or if you prefer it with the “cores”.

    3. Precisely, fill the crucible up to the correct level and allow the bath to return to its critical                    temperature then diverse the alloy appropriately by creating the vortex.

Moreover, if you need Babbit ingot of the premium quality in the United Kingdom or in Europe, contact the Metaconcept group on the number or information provided to get the quote and have the best Babbit ingot for your big or small manufacturing or assembling firm. The Metaconcept group offers 100% Guarantee on all of its products. 

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