4 Fast and Simple Instagram TV Video Ideas to Get you Started

The latest addition of Instagram in the Online Space is IGTV which is new platform of vertical videos. You can start your own channel and upload videos that are 60 minutes long. IGTV allow their users to upload long-form videos from 15 sec to one-hour long video. Essentially, the era of traditional TV is going to end with the arrival of Instagram TV. In this post, we will discuss easy and creative ideas to get started on IGTV and buy Instagram followers to get more views and intractions.
Table of content:
  • Start Vlogging
  • A sneak peek behind the scenes
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Repurpose your Content
Start Vlogging
Over 2 billion people in the world are owing the smartphone and IGTV can do wonders to increase your fan base and more reach of your content. You can also improve the brand identity using this new feature. Start your journey on IGTV with some exciting part of your work and document the daily life that will help you to get closer with your user. That way, you can become part of their lives through your videos without realizing them. A lot of popular Vloggers kill the Instagram with their powerful Vlogging game on IGTV. Your video content should be captivating and interesting that compel the users to forget to scroll down and make them keep coming back on your channel after every single day. This definitely bolsters the video engagement.
A sneak peek behind the scenes
If you want to give regular doses of interesting content about your brand/ business then sneak peek behind the scene is a great opportunity to make millennials your brand lover. Nevertheless, it is not easy at all but here are some tips that make your viewers get attracted towards your brand.
  • Create an interesting video of your office tour
  • Interview of your team behind your business
  • Capture speaking events, social events of your company
  • An interesting behind the scene video that shows your next product making
  • Interviews with CEO of your brand
Influencer Marketing
Instagram TV have a great number of channel of social influencers and social media celebrities. Like these celebs, you can also get fame and come in the limelight using IGTV. Essentially, this brand new feature is going to become a new hub of influencer market where you can interact with cross social media platforms. You can also rock on IGTV by paying some bucks of money to influencers and most popular creators for publishing sponsored content on IGTV that will increase your viewer’s base. Facebook which is the parent company of mega-popular photo sharing app Instagram has launched “Brand Collaborations Manager” which help the creators for sponsorships deals.
Repurpose your Content
Last but not least, if you want to get famous in a short time on Instagram TV then repurpose your old content that is suitable for IGTV. This trick do wonders when it comes to establishing yourself early in the IGTV game. Gary Vee is the mega-popular business and influencer around the world, he used the same tactic and got immense success on his IGTV channel.

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