Battery-Powered Chainsaws VS Other Chainsaw Types

Chainsaws are modern equipment to cut wood fire, take trees down, prune trees and disconnect tree limbs. These power tools have three types, and each of these has their advantages and disadvantages. So, looking into which chainsaw type will handle the tasks you need to get done is very important before purchasing one. This will help you save on money, time as well as the hassle of returning underpowered tool and buying another one.
Chainsaw Types:
Generally, chainsaws are available in 3 main categories: gas powered battery powered, and electric powered.
Electric Powered Chainsaw:
Ideally, electric powered chainsaw works great for the homeowners. They come with enough power to easily prune trees and cut off the limbs. Electric powered chainsaws aren't as loud as gas powered chainsaw which makes the process peaceful and cause fewer disturbances to your neighbors during summers.
Furthermore, electric chainsaws eliminate the risk of gas leakage or spills. They are easy to operate and require little maintenance. These chainsaws also have less carbon effects which make them the perfect choice for environmentally concision users.
However, electric chainsaws are not suitable for a yard pro as it may require a more heavy duty model to do the job more efficiently. Another disadvantage of an electric chainsaw is that it offers limited mobility because they can be used as long as the extension cord to a power outlet will allow you to move.
Gas Chainsaws:
Gas chainsaws are powerful and robust. Furthermore, they are durable, relentless and very effective for most complex and challenging cutting assignments which make gas chainsaws the most ideal choice for yard pro and tree cutters.
Battery Powered Chainsaws:
Battery Powered Chainsaws combine the best features of gas and electric chainsaws. They include the appeal and mobility that a powerful tool should have for the ease of use. The only drawback of battery powered models is that they need charging for power. And there is nothing more irritating than getting the half of the task done and realizing that your tool needs to be charged up.
Regardless of power charging issue, battery powered chainsaws come down to your needs. There is nothing better than a battery powered when you want a powerful tool for light cutting. But if your job is to 14” cut hardwood trees regularly then buying an ordinary battery operated chainsaw is certainly useless. Though there is a range of more powerful battery-powered chainsaws that have enough power of cutting 14″ hardwood trees, they work quite slowly and can be risky.
The main reason why you use battery powered chainsaw over electric or gas models is that they are cleaner, quieter and easier to use than similar machines. In addition, there are numerous health risks associated with gas and electric chainsaws as they involve breathing toxic- finish fumes, handling pertochemicals, and long exposure to loud engine sound. Sure, there can be other running tools, but traveling with a power cord around cruelly compromises your movability and safety which must be top priority while working outdoors.

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