5 Key Rules For Fire Pit Safety

Portable fire pits make an amazing way to enjoy winter evenings with family and friends. Though, it's fun sitting around a fire with your loved ones, it is critical to take care of safety measures when using your fire pit. Usually, your fire pit safety depends on the type of product your own or plan to buy. There are several types of fire pits available with various fuel types, for instance, charcoal, gel fuel, gas or wood. However, when considering fire pits safety, it definitely applies to each fuel type.

Here are 5 key rules for your fire pit safety.

1. Placement

Your fire pit safety will begin with where you place it. Ideally, a portable fire pit placed on level ground and 10-25 feet from the structure makes a perfect placement. Don't place it under covered portico or any overhang of the building. Instead, you can look for low hanging tree branches and combustible material close at hand. Never put your portable fire pit on grass or a deck of wood. Although, it is important to have safety measurements in place, you must also comply with your state laws for using fire pits.

2. Burning Material

Next thing which is important in fire pit safety is the type of burning material being used. Some people use wood to get fire while others go for gas or gel fuel. If you use wood, then make sure it is seasoned for some months. Most people prefer using oak and hickory which tend to be the best wood to burn in portable fire pits. Never use any construction material such as pressurized wood or plywood as they may contain toxic fumes and produce more sparks than other wood types. Similarly, softwoods like birch and pine are not good to burn.

3. Be Aware Of Sparks

It is recommended to make use of an appropriate screen to control sparks. Make sure the fire is kept at an appropriate size. Furthermore, it is critical to check the weather before lightening the fire. Never use a fire pit during windy hours because a spark is enough to initiate a burst into flames.

4. Use Kindling

When starting the fire, it is not wise to use a gasoline or lighter fluid. Instead, use kindling. Besides, you should have a pipe with the water turned on and the nozzle ready to spray in a close proximity in order to handle any emergency. It is also recommended to keep a bucket of dry sand near in surrounding. Fire blankets can also be kept in place to wet sparks or to save someone who might get fire accidently.

5. Be Attentive

In order to avoid tumbling into the blaze, chairs should be placed for a family gathering around the fire pit. You must keep an eye on your children and don’t allow them to go close to the fire. Also, make sure you haven’t left the fire and your children unattended. In addition, it is not wise to wear loose fitting or flammable clothes when enjoying the flare.

Following the above rules never dismisses accidents risk. However, it is a must to carefully review instructions given with your purchase when extinguishing the ashes.

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