6 Best Picks From The Latest Laptops For Women

Most women tend to prefer their tech devices such as hand phones or laptops to be stylish. According to a general observation, most women like to buy laptops that are lightweight, sleek & slim and easy to carry.
Today, most top companies, after establishing their status with excellent laptops cropping, tend to focus on producing feminine laptops in order to encourage them to embrace their products. Laptops especially designed for women are also teamed with great functionality, trendy exterior and beautiful matching accessories.

In addition to these manufacturers, there are a number of e-shops that continue to add latest tech devices to their sites giving a large range of options to choose from. Many of these e-shops offer subscription to their customers in order to avail several advantages such as discount coupons and gift cards. Also, several websites offer discount codes as the part of their promotion strategies to boost their sales. Usually, availing such offers can help you save on a purchase and get the product on a comparatively reasonable price.

Here are 6 best picks from latest feminine laptops:

1. Dell Inspiron Mini 10

This ultraportable laptop comes in different colors and works on the Intel Atom N450 Processor. The Inspiron Mini has all easy features that every woman would need in her gadget such as Bluetooth, long battery life, WiFi and Windows 7. It is lightweight laptop and offers very simple use.

2. The X2 Style Book

It weighs as 3.0 pounds and comes in a range of vibrant and fascinating colors such as green, pink, white, blue, silver and black. It has a stylish exterior and great functionality. Each laptop comes with a matching bag for carrying the device in. Merged with the latest technology of X2, the Style Book offers an amazing experience of Internet surfing and making files and documents.

3. HP Eco Laptop

It’s a great laptop which just isn’t meant to cater to a woman’s taste as it can also serve a man’s requirements in a perfect way. However, it is very stylish and environment friendly. The laptop uses solar cells to power up the overall functionality. Also, it comes with a bar code scanner. The HP Eco Laptop is available in a vibrant green color and comes with a matching bracelet that can read blood pressure as well as pulse rate.

4. HP Chameleon

This environment-friendly laptop is very beautiful. You can carry this laptop with any outfit. It has three cameras and adaptive cells that perfectly contribute in changing laptop’s look to go with its environment. The Chameleon reveals its original silver color when it’s off but when you put it on any kind of textile, it will take the pattern of fabric.

5. HP Fitness

The HP Fitness perfectly caters to the taste of a woman. You can stand on the laptop to check your weight and keep an eye on your fitness regime. Available in blue and black color, the HP Fitness also accompanies a bracelet that is used to measure your workout and tells you how well you’re doing.

6. HP Mama

HP Mama has two Bluetooth cameras that help you monitor your children’s activities. Its extendable neck offers an easy-use of the laptop. It has a solid and water-resistant body that makes it easier to use when having children around.

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