Why Small Businesses Need Virtual Phone Systems

In today’s modern workplace, virtual phone systems have completely changed the methods of communication. As these systems work through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), entrepreneurs don’t need to navigate clunky traditional phone systems, invest in expensive hardware or deal with outdated telephone interfaces. In simple terms, a virtual phone system allows a business to sound professional, stay organized and remain connected. Opting for virtual systems saves businesses from making a huge investment in traditional phone services and eliminate geographical barriers.
As a virtual system has a minimalistic and simple interface, it is an excellent solution for startups and small businesses that are looking to modernize communication technology. Outlined below are some other useful features due to which small businesses need virtual phone systems:

Local and toll-free numbers

With virtual phone systems, you can get access to local and toll-free numbers all over the globe. Through this feature, users are able to operate numbers of multiple countries without incurring the hardware cost of each number. In this way, businesses are able to provide their customers with a local dialing option in any geographical location, which can provide ease of communication and help build trust.

Call screening and transfers

Seamless and immediate call transfers can be made through a virtual system. With call screening, users have the option of answering calls or redirecting it to voicemail. There are also other useful features like ‘find me’ options that route important calls to your home, office or mobile to ensure they are not missed. This allows you to remain accessible at all times.

Auto attendant

You can eliminate the expense of a full-time receptionist with an auto attendant and still ensure that all calls are answered in a timely and professional manner. You can enjoy a number of benefits with an auto attendant feature that gives you peace of mind because your business will always appear professional. For instance, with an auto-attendant feature, all inbound calls are attended automatically with a prerecorded greeting, regardless of the time of call. Customized greetings can be recorded for creating a professional introduction of the business. With auto attendant feature, a business will never miss out on any sales opportunities or customer service calls.

Mobile access

Today, you can control all your communication from the palm of your hand. With virtual phone systems, you can take advantage of call forwarding services, which empower you to answer, review and redirect phone calls from your mobile device. A number of virtual systems offer a companion mobile app that offers easy accessibility and ensures you never miss a beat.

Voicemail to Email

When customers are unable to reach employees, they leave a message, particularly after business hours. These voicemails or fax messages are forwarded to a designated email address in a virtual system so they can also be accessed remotely with ease through any personal computer or mobile device. Ultimately, this leads to efficient and quick follow-ups and ensures maximum customer satisfaction.
These are some great features of virtual phone systems that help small businesses and make it a worthwhile investment.


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