Selecting Corporate Gifts - How to Go About it?

Whenever the term ‘corporate gifts’ is used, what comes to mind? People usually think about the horde of promotional products that are often given out by companies such as pens, jump drives, t-shirts and mousepads. While people do love promotional products, these gifts are usually forgettable and are typically buried in the trash cans. As a lot of corporate gifts are usually given out due to tradition or organizational competition, many businesses don’t realize the opportunity they present. If done in the right way, corporate gifts can be a great way of growing your business, differentiating your brand in a visceral and tangible way and strengthening your relationship with those who matter to your business the most.

Moreover, corporate gifts are either not used or misused, and this creates a strategic advantage for those who figure out how to use them right. So, how do you benefit from this mostly untapped opportunity? The best way it can be done is to select the right corporate gift. How can you go about it? Read on to find out:

    • Determine the objective 

Before you start searching for corporate gift ideas or look for a service to make them for you, the first thing you need to understand is your objective behind the strategy. Why do you want to hand out a corporate gift? Is it because you wish to appreciate and retain your best employees? Do you want to strengthen your relationship with a client? Are you looking to thank a supplier in a unique way? Your gift selection should help you in accomplishing your objective in the easiest possible way.

    • Research the recipients 

Everyone receives a gift every now and then that makes them wonder why it was given? In many situations, businesses don’t take the time to consider the personality, background and interests of the recipients. This is particularly true when it comes to corporate gift-giving. While it is true that a large recipient pool makes it difficult to select a gift that everyone will like, but you can look for a common factor. Do these people live in the same geographical area? Do they have similar jobs? What is the age of their recipients? Do they have the same standard of living? This will help you in choosing the right gift. If your recipient group is smaller, you can select individual items for the recipients. Vendors such as can help you in personalizing corporate gifts and choosing from a wide array of items.

    • Ask the right questions 

When selecting corporate gifts, you need to ask the right questions in order to make the right choice. Is the gift useful? People don’t like gifts they will not be able to use. When they are used regularly, your business will also be remembered. Is your gift memorable? It should be something not found everywhere as this will make it memorable for the recipient. Last, is the gift visible? Visibility is important in ensuring the gift fulfills its purpose. 

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