Foods That Should Be A Part Of Our Daily Intake

Good health is the requisite for a healthy and lively body, and so for a healthy life.  What you eat directly affects your health. In order to ensure a fit life, it is highly important to incorporate healthy food into your daily diet. It is even more helpful if you plan a weekly diet chart every month so that you don’t only enjoy different healthy foods in your mealtime but also benefit from the natural resources to get and maintain a healthy you throughout your life span.

Unfortunately in today’s worldly pace, cooking raw foods seems to be time consuming and lots of families tend to purchase pre-packed food items.  These processed foods may offer an easy and short cooking but they indeed lack the necessary percent of nutrition and energy that your body obtains from natural foodstuff. To scratch a beneficial diet and optimal healthy body, you need to make sure you consume natural food.
Natural foods are the best sources to offer an optimal health. Here we shall pen down some foods that should be part of your daily intake.


Almonds contain a number of nutrients such as Vitamin-E, Calcium, Proteins etc. It too offers hunger fighting fibers that is a healthy way to improve your appetite. These tree-nuts can help you maintain your fitness, ensure a healthy heart, fight several diseases such as diabetes. You can use almonds in different forms in your daily intake, for examples, eating raw almonds in your breakfast, or can add it to a variety of meals to improve the aroma.


Eggs are a rich and natural source of obtaining protein. They are easy to make a healthy meal and can be used in any of mealtimes a day especially in breakfast. . Besides omelet, boiled egg, half-fry, eggs can be a rich ingredient in baking cakes, cookies, and a few Asian sweets as well as Asian dishes.


This small and refreshing fruit is packed with several healthy nutrients rejuvenating your overall health. Lemon can be used in cooking different foods, making delicious lemonade, and enhancing the taste of your salad. Daily consumption of lemon can be a natural way to boost your immunity, cleanse your body, and keep your mind relaxed. 


Garlic offers a versatility of healthful use in your everyday food. This is an extremely healthy ingredient to be used as a healthy and tasty addition to your dishes.  Most Asian dishes scratch an adorable aroma and flavor with mashed garlic as an ingredient. Try garlic for incredibly appetizing recipes and enjoy flavorsome yet healthy diet. 


Yogurt is a must in everyday meal. Obtained from natural cow milk, this dairy aisle is full of protein and healthy bacteria that enhance your immunity and prevent cancerous elements in human body.  A few of recipes include yogurt topped with healthy nuts in your breakfast or salad dips in lunch.   


Whether it’s a scope of lentils, black beans, or split peas, all forms of beans have a huge treasure of antioxidants that is important for your health. With countless nourishing and healthful benefits, beans are available throughout the year. Use them as some of main dishes or make soups as appetizer. Beams offer a lot to do with creative cooking. You can use beans for making dip, cutlets as well as bake them to offer as a side dish in your mealtime.

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