Three Healthy Meal Ideas For Your Dinner Menu

Deciding on a meal is a difficult task for most housewives. It becomes even harder when you want some dinner ideas that are healthy and tasty at the same time. Here are some menus along with the ways to make them healthier without even sacrificing on the taste.

Steak & Baked Potato

Beef steak is not the choice for everyone especially those who want to live a long and diseases-free life. Salmon steak and a baked potato can be the best alternative to the dish. Salmon is not only scrumptious in taste but also carries omega-3 fatty acids that are amazingly good for the health of your heart and blood circulation system. Though beef steaks also have some similar properties such as omerga3s, the concentration of omega 6s goes much higher. A higher dose of omega6s taken with low intake of omega-3 can cause chronic inflammation which may also lead to develop cancer or heart diseases. You can also use yams as an alternative to white potatoes in many healthy meal options. They contain more complex carbohydrates that are digested slowly. Yams also have a range of different antioxidants and Phytosterols nutrients that are good for heart health and right hormonal balance.

Grilled Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Cole Slaw & Biscuits

While chicken is a healthy source of protein but if you drop it in a deep fryer for a meal, you invite a high fat for you. Since, highly carbohydrate food is as bad as a bowl of fried potato chips for your health, choose to grill or bake the chicken piece in order to keep them healthier. Make the coleslaw that comprises right quantity of cabbage and carrots. While both the vegetables are healthy, the cabbage being commonly used is a hybrid and low in food value. Use purple cabbage as the alternative along with Chinese cabbage and kale to bring a variety in your meal. The best part of this menu is that it offers great nutritional value to boost your energy level and has the same pleasant crunch. Though the idea covers mashed potatoes, you can also use mashed yams or steam some broccoli. Add some whole wheat rolls to your meal instead of using biscuits that are a great source of fatty acids and are the worst for human health.

Grilled Chicken with Boiled Rice 

It can be one of the most favorite meal options for your children. Grill the boneless chicken with your favorite spices and serve it boiled rice. To add some excitement to your meal, you may also want to add some appetizers such as bacon wrapped shrimps to your dinner. It can be combined with a grilled French toast, Caesar salad, or steamed white potatoes. Use foil to keep the toast warm until serving time. Chocolate mousse can be an excellent follow up for your children.

Many people look for healthy meal ideas because they want to lose weight. The above meal ideas can be an attempt to help you get some healthy food options that are also helpful to reduce cholesterol without having the need to sacrifice on the taste

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