Top Tips That You Need to Know before Trading Cryptocurrencies

If you want to trade cryptocurrencies, you are one of the millions of traders from around the world who have realized how lucrative this market is. What started out with all the shadows of doubt is now a big market that’s supposed to be one of the biggest markets in the world in the coming times. However, a lot of the people who want to trade digital coins are not fully aware of how trading works. These are new traders with no or little experience of trading. If you are one of these traders, let these tips help you make the most of your investments in this market and avoid the mistakes that many have made in the past.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Cryptocurrency Trading

Learn to Benefit from Volatility

The thing about cryptocurrency market that keeps many traders away is volatility. If you read the online articles about trading, many writers try to make volatility appear as something negative. Yes, volatility does pose some great risks but it is not a negative concept all the times. Take the example of leverage that can be just as good for you as it can be bad. In a similar manner, you just need to know how to use volatility to your advantage. First, volatility means that this market goes up and down at a very fast pace. This also means that you can incur huge losses within a day of trade.

However, it also shows that you can make a lot of money within a day. Trading is all about taking risks no matter how many steps you take to minimize them. If you can’t take big risks, you will not be able to make the amount of money that you expect from your trading career. The educational material from the broker should be able to help you learn how to use volatility of the cryptocurrency market to your advantage.

Pick Brokers over Exchanges 

Many online traders are not aware of how they can trade cryptocurrencies. They are often under the impression that the only way to trade cryptocurrencies is to go to an online exchange. Yes, online exchanges are the perfect places for you to purchase the cryptocurrency of your choice. But what if someone told you that you can trade cryptocurrencies without even owning them? Yes, you can trade cryptocurrencies without ever getting their ownership when you go for CFD trading. This type of trading can be done through online brokers. You should be glad to know that there are hundreds of brokers for you to choose from.

It also needs to be mentioned here that the online brokers often leverage your cryptocurrency trading. What that means is that you can control trades that are worth more than the amount of money you have in your account.

Pick a Rich Cryptocurrency Asset Index

When you decide to trade cryptocurrencies with an online broker, the next thing you have to look at is the asset index. When it comes to asset index, a CFD broker can provide you with a variety of types of assets in the same place. You will find fiat currencies, indices, stocks, energies, metals, etc. in the same asset index. However, what you really want to see is an asset index with a lot of cryptocurrencies. There are some old online brokers that are still quite reluctant to introduce cryptocurrencies on their asset indices. In most cases, they will only let you trade bitcoin. On the other hand, you have brokers with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, Neo, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and many other digital coins on their asset indices.

Look at Tradable Currencies with Digital Coins 

Another important thing that needs to be considered is the currency that you can use with the trade to trade cryptocurrencies. Of course, when you trade cryptocurrencies, you have to trade them against something. There has to be an asset that you need to exchange with the cryptocurrency of your choice. Not all the broker will give you a lot of options in this particular area. You should pick an online broker that gives you multiple currency options. Are you able to trade USD with the cryptocurrency of your choice? While USD is the most frequently currencies among online traders, it should not be the only option.

The other currencies that you can trade with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies are EUR and GBP. Learn more in this regard at You don’t want to go through a long exchanging process because you lose a lot of money in the exchange rates.

Consider the Commissions You Are Paying

Whether you are trading cryptocurrencies or some other assets, you have to make sure you don’t end up reducing your profits by paying too much money to the broker. How can you pay too much money to the broker? This happens when the broker either has loose spreads or the commissions are huge. If you notice, you will see that the brokers don’t have any fixed commissions. They usually have commissions in the percentage form. What this means is that you have to pay more money when your trades are huge. The commission is a percentage of the total volume of the trade that you will be doing.
In the end, the amount that goes to the broker goes out of your pocket or you can say from your profit. If you want to profit from your trades, you have to consider small commissions.

Bottom Line

It is imperative that you keep these particular points in your mind when you want to start your cryptocurrency trading career. Cryptocurrency market is still new and the traders are even newer. Many traders in this market are first time traders and they don’t know much about the tips and tricks that brokers can use to make their money. Be careful with your choice of the broker. Keep transparency, fairness, and safety as the most important features in deciding your broker. Last but not least, do take risks at times because they help you make big profits and launch you into a career that can make you a millionaire. 

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