A Brilliant Guide to Making Good YouTube Videos

There are millions of videos on YouTube and thousands are added on a daily basis. However, there are some that stand out in the crowd and really become popular amongst the masses. Are you interested in making one such video? While it may seem impossible, it really isn’t. As a matter of fact, anyone can do it as long as they follow the instructions outlined below:

People should have a basic outline before they start their project, which includes a plot and also a timetable. No one is interested in watching a bunch of moving images on a video that don’t have any cohesion at all.

You need to accumulate all your resources. In some video projects, you may have to transfer media or download it to your hard drive from other sources and it is important to keep track of them. Notes should be made of all the sources you are using and add them to the video’s credits. You are going to get bashed if you use someone else’s content without accreditation. Several free programs are available that can be used for downloading media from various websites.

A movie editing software is also needed. Almost every PC has one such software like Apple iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. In case people don’t have one, they will find several free options available online. Before making a video, it is better to become familiar with its features so there aren’t any problems in the future.

Now you start making your video. It is best to stick to the schedule you have made. The video should be made in a proper sequence and should make sense if you don’t want to annoy the viewers.

Most editing software will have a horde of effects that can be used in the videos for enhancing them. However, they should be used responsibly because they can drastically alter the videos and change them for worse, not just better.

 After you have made your video, it is time to add the credits. This is one of the most important steps and shouldn’t be forgotten at all because it shows one’s manners and professionalism.

A file format needs to be selected because there are several file formats that can be found and each has different properties. Some of these formats include high compression, which take up less space, mobile media formats, which are especially made for mobile devices and mp3 players and high quality, which will have a very clear audio and high screen resolution.

Now your video is ready to be posted on YouTube. You have to have an account there for uploading a video. The maximum size of the video is around 100mb, but larger ones can also be uploaded by paying a subscription.

As long as the content and quality of the video is of good quality, it will be easy for people to get plenty of hits on it and they will become a YouTube celebrity like many others. 

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