Challenges You Will Face When Running Your Own Microbrewery

Starting a brewery on a small scale and producing your own beer sounds like a great idea. However, running your own microbrewery is not as easy as it might sound. You have to pay attention to a lot of things and prepare yourself for some challenges. The first thing that you have to know is the laws applicable in your country or region on producing beer at home. You have to know what licenses you have to obtain, how much quantity of the beer you can produce, and how much alcohol the government will allow you to add to it. Once you have confirmed that, you will have to know the costs of the setup.

The cost you pay for the brewing setup depends on how big the setup is going to be and the brand you go for. You have to make up your mind whether or not you want to produce your beer with your own setup. Today, you will not have a hard time finding breweries that will rent out their brewery setups to you on set terms so you can produce beer the way you want. You can then go for your own setup if you think you need to expand yours.
The one thing you don’t want to think is that you are going to get rich as soon as you start your setup. It will not be wrong to say that brewing industry is one of the hardest to survive in. That’s because the government tax this industry a lot. Not to mention the time you will have to invest in obtaining the proper licenses and permits to start the setup and run it legally. Even then, there are some gray areas that you will have to know about. You don’t want your lack of knowledge of this industry get you into a legal trouble. You have to be very clear about how much quantity you are going to produce on your setup right from the start.  

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