Here’s How to Get a Million Views on YouTube Videos

Every individual wants the whole world to see and appreciate their videos, but there are only a few videos that are able to achieve more than 20,000 views. According to the statistics, there are about a billion views made on YouTube on a daily basis and people can get a chunk of that as long as they take the right steps. It doesn’t take longer than a couple of months for people to achieve their goal as long as they have an interesting video and stick to the steps mentioned below:

The single most important thing about any video on YouTube is what the person sees before they actually view it. This refers to the still image that depicts what’s inside the video or acts as its preview. If that single frame turns out to be intriguing, funny or interesting, you will be able to get views like crazy. Look at some videos of people in motion or those that use beautiful women as stills. As opposed to a boring frame, an interesting and unique one is bound to get a lot more views.

The title of the video is the second most important thing about the YouTube video. You have to be smart, clear and short in that regard. Choose something that informs the use about what they are about to view. It is also best to be honest instead of lying or manipulating because it is bound to capture the attention of the audience and the video can get 5 stars in this way.

It is highly likely that you aren’t getting 100,000 views or more for your videos if you are uploading dozens of videos for the subscribers every month. You shouldn’t offer your audience a lot of variety because the video has to be gold in order to reach a number of one million views. The video should stand out in the crowd and should the pop star of your channel. Post it on every occasion and post it everywhere and the views will simply flow in.

Never make videos that are too long. Keep them short and snappy and you will be king. Videos under 5 minutes are able to retain the interest of the audience and leave them wanting more at the same time. If a funny video is only of 10 seconds, viewers are bound to watch it over and over again and laugh hysterically. Don’t use boring monologues or slow introductions because they may annoy the users and they end up closing the video instead of watching the full thing.

The last thing is to get to the point right away instead of wasting anyone’s time. Bring up the cute, funny and interesting part right away if you want to keep your users hooked. You don’t want to get one-time views; you are looking for repeated visits so you don’t want them to get bored and go elsewhere.

Follow these steps and you are golden when it comes to high YouTube views.

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