10 Signs That Tell You To Invest In SEO

You started a business hoping that it would do well. You put in all your best efforts to take it to great heights. You wanted people to talk about your business on their social networking profiles. However, things aren’t going all too well. You are not seeing the results that you had expected and this is definitely something to worry about. SEO might be the answer to these problems. Her are 10 warnings signs that tell you that you need a sound SEO strategy.

10 Signs That Tell You That You Need To Invest Some Bucks In SEO

1. You are selling products and services that are in demand but still there isn’t much traffic on your website. You’re just not seeing the response you expected from the market.

2. The content on your website is still the same as it was when you started the website. What it means is that your web content is not being updated and modified with time. Even a 3 month old content is too old.

3. You are adding more products to your ecommerce website but your page rank isn’t getting better. You are where you were a few days ago or your ranking has gone further down.

4. The coding done on your website is unnecessarily bloated. It is important for developers and programmers to use trimmed and clean codes for making websites. Codes that are unnecessarily lengthy and big cause troubles and affect the website performance negatively.

5. If your page loading time is too much you definitely need to pay attention to it as soon as possible. The more time your website takes in loading the more visitors you lose. This has been proven over time.

 6. The content you have posted on the web isn’t getting any response from its readers. Many website owners have articles, press releases and other content posted on the web but they don’t get any response. This means the content they are posting is lacking the juice for readers.

 7. You read your website content and are not able to make any sense out of it. You don’t find it informative. This happens when the keywords have been unnecessarily stuffed in your website content.

8. You see a lot of broken links that were supposed to take visitors back to your website. An SEO professional can always look into your links and find out why no visitors are coming to your website from them.

9. If you notice that a lot of visitors are coming on your website from random websites that you have no idea of, your SEO strategy is subpar. You would want people to come to your website from only the reliable and credible sources.

10. Your website appears on top Google search pages but still doesn’t get enough clicks. This happens when your page title and meta descriptions are lacking the right keywords and content.

If any of these things is happening to you then you definitely need to pay attention to your SEO strategies. Have your website audited thoroughly and invest some more money to get better SEO.


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