Why Use Jokes, Quotes, and Riddles in Your Communication

One of the most valuable skills you can have as a practical person and a professional in any field is effective communication. Before you start to attend someone’s classes to learn effective communication, it is best that you know its real meaning. First, effective communication involves three important things: listening, acknowledgement, and delivery. You can’t communicate effectively if you don’t listen to people carefully. Secondly, you have to make it clear to them that you have heard them through acknowledgements. Last but not least, you must be able to deliver your point across to other brains effectively.

When you want to be the person who people like to listen to with proper attention, you have to incorporate jokes, quotes, riddles in your conversations and explanations. You must have found yourself listening to some unique quote or saying from elders and grandparents, and saying to yourself, “That was worth listening to.” The thing about jokes is that they are perfect for you to break the ice. When you start talking to people, the best way to make them loosen up and feel comfortable is by making them laugh. Find some appropriate jokes according to the topic of your conversation and the industry you serve to break the ice during your presentations and other types of communications.

Riddles are a perfect way to involve the audience in whatever you are talking about. Make them feel like a part of the conversation by asking a riddle. It gets them alert and thinking instantly when you ask them a riddle. When it comes to quotes, they give depth to your talk. The quotes you use in your talk show your knowledge of things and how much you have researched your topic. Go for some drinking quotes if you want to combine knowledge with humor. In fact, a perfect way to communicate with people is to have the perfect proportions of seriousness and humor. 

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