All That You Should Know About Your Fashion Footwear

As a woman I can understand the untamed love we have for footwear. If you give me a choice to choose between new footwear and jewelry, I’ll be either stuck or would go for shoes. There is something about shoes that would get the attention of a woman every time. There is no surprise if you are a woman and you want just as many pairs of shoes, sandals and pumps as clothes you have in the closet. I wish there was a special bonus monthly incentive or yearly bonus for working women only to buy new pairs of shoes.

As indulgent as this sounds many of us women are not that great in picking up the right footwear. I always find myself and other women in pain after wearing a pair of shoes for the first time. Furthermore, we sometimes end up buying shoes that are not the best ones for our lifestyle, the way we walk and the way our feet look. In short, we should focus more on buying our shoes carefully than buying more and more of them. I have some useful tips for all the women in the world so they can obtain maximum satisfaction from their footwear.

Choosing The Right Footwear

Style and comfort must go side by side whenever you are choosing something to wear. You would hate your shoes no matter how stylish they are if they are not comfortable for your feet. Eventually they will end up in some corner of the house where you would wish you are never able to find them – but some day you will, accidentally. It is always highly recommended that you choose your shoes after wearing and trying them for a few minutes. No, there is no problem in wearing them and walking for a few minutes in the shop.

If you feel any unnecessary pressure on any part of your feet, ditch these shoes. Don’t pick a style you are not comfortable with. If heels are not your thing don’t go for them. Don’t say to yourself that you should buy them because it would be for just occasional occasions. If you can’t walk properly in your shoes there are high chances you would end up falling at least once and stumbling quite a few times through the night. Twisting and breaking your ankle are not away from possibilities. Don’t buy shoes just because they look good.

Buy shoes according to how your foot looks. If your feet are wide then find the best style that makes your feet look great. If your skin is prone to getting marked easily then it would be a better idea to either go for closed shoes or ones that are fully opened at the top. Boots with straps and strappy designs on the front will leave those hideous marks on your feet that you won’t like. Never be shy to pull parts of your shoes from here and there while buying them to see the quality of adhesives and stitches.

Right Shoes For Right Occasions

You must have a good sense of wearing your shoes. Not all shoes are meant to be worn on all the different types of occasions. I have seen many women destroying their looks completely with their footwear despite the fact that they are wearing a really nice and figure admiring dress. There are wedge heels that are safer and more durable than stilettos. They are more suitable for casual dressing and are a perfect option for women who are not comfortable with stilettos. Go for stilettos blindly for any evening party and event.

Pumps don’t have high heels and are mostly closed from the front. Right from the first glance you will realize that they are meant for more of a formal and official look. Wear them to your office and that’s their best use. Flip flops are of course best worn at home and in the premises of the house you can’t wear anything more comfortable than them. Sandals are the footwear for chilling out. When you’re thinking of going out in a pair of shorts and a loose or casual looking top, go for the sandals. When nothing does it for you, there are the ballet flats.

Common Footwear Problems And Their Solutions

No matter how picky you are with your shoes and how much you love them, there are always moments of discomfort after wearing them for the first few times. There are dozens of problems all related to your footwear. If you are troubled by your footwear don’t consider yourself alone in this misery. I have seen the unsightly marks on my feet, felt the pain in my foot arch, played around with the funny looking blisters and taken the pain of bruises behind the foot joint and above and around the big toe.

If you have noticed that your leather straps are too tight and they might cause more problem as you wear your shoes for longer hours, sprinkle some water on those straps. This will loosen the leather a bit and easily stretch it to match the size of your foot. I would highly recommend you to go with branded shoes that are known for their comfort if you want to stay away from the pain in the arch. If that does not seem like a good idea to you then ditch the stilettos and pick up those wedge heels.

Sweaty feet are a problem for millions of people around the world. The best way to avoid this problem is to go for material that lets your feet breathe. In addition to that, it is best that you buy shoes towards the end of your day when your feet are swollen. This will prevent you from picking a size that might look comfortable at the shop but become really uncomfortable when you wear the shoes at home. Go for the heel pads if your shoes are bruising the back of your heel. Choose shoes that fit your feet because bigger size causes your feet to move in and out of the shoe resulting in bruises on the back of your heel.  

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