Are You Hurting Your Beauty By Not Sleeping Enough?

It’s the way people natural think that their beauty is only affected by factors that externally damage their skin. For example, they would consider smoke, pollution, toxic chemicals in synthetic products etc. a cause of affected beauty and skin but would never associate sleep with it. The truth is that sleep can directly affect your beauty. While you might not notice the many benefits of sleeping well you can easily notice the bad effects of not sleeping well and for enough hours. Try imagining the faces of insomniacs that you might have seen in various Hollywood movies and you will know what we are talking about.

Your sleep is not only associated with your beauty but overall body health. Of course, if your body is not healthy it would be hard for you to look beautiful. The most prominent effects of not getting enough sleep appear on your face. Puffed up bags under and around your eyes with the unsightly dark circles can be noticed from a distance. If you happen to encounter someone who does night shifts you can inquire about their eating routines. Such people either eat at odd timings or stop eating at all or start eating too much.

In addition to that they experience permanent fatigue that never seems to go away. One huge disadvantage of not sleeping well is stress. You would experience stress at all times when you are not sleeping well. The permanent stress is a big source of boosting all the skin related conditions in your body. You will either start noticing acne on your skin or your current acne condition will worsen if you don’t sleep well. Did you know that lack of sleep can make you look aged much earlier than the right time? Immune system is another big victim of sleeplessness.

You have to take your vehicle for regular services in order to keep it in good condition. Sleep is the natural servicing session of your body and when you don’t get enough of it your body isn’t getting repaired. It is not getting refreshed too. The result is that your body functions start to weaken and one big victim is your immune system. You are more prone to getting sick when you don’t sleep enough. Furthermore, you will experience weight gain when you are sleeping too much. Affecting the water balance in the body by not sleeping can also cause many problems.

However, you have a genuine case if you don’t deprive yourself of your sleep on purpose and rather can’t go to sleep even after trying. This is no big issue. Melatonin is there to help you with this. Melatonin is the hormone in your body that makes you sleep well, on time and brings your sleeping cycle to normal. Melatonin is formed naturally in your body but its production is affected greatly when you age. This is not a big issue once again since melatonin pills are a great solution to get enough melatonin to keep you sleeping well and your body rejuvenated. 


  1. How does nootropics work in the brain?

    1. For many people, maintaining good brain health is crucial. The good news is that there are several natural nootropics that can assist boost cognitive performance. For those wishing to improve their brain health, some of these medications are commonly available without a prescription, making them an economical and practical choice. Caffeine, choline, L-theanine, DHA, and Rhodiola Rosea are a few well-known natural nootropics. Read more here!


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