How Can You Get Rid Of The Hair In Your Nose

It is sad that the hairs that grow in your nose are mostly the thickest and they also grow at an astoundingly fast speed. You can’t ignore them because they cannot be kept secret from the world. They are different from your pubic and armpit hair, or hair on other parts of your body. It is easy to call the hair that grow on our shoulders, back of the neck, feet, back of the hands etc. unnecessary hair but that’s not the case with the hairs in your nostrils. They serve a very important purpose in there.

All the dirt and dust that comes with the air you breathe in is caught by these little hairs in your nostrils. Some more support comes from the mucous. However, these hairs can grow quite a bit and make you a little uncomfortable when they are peeking out of your nose. There are many different methods that can be used to get rid of the nose hair. All these methods have their pros and cons so you can choose the one that suits you the most.

Using A Pair Of Tweezers 

Take a clean pair of tweezers and sterilize if possible before using. Be sure to do this task in front of a mirror. Use one hand to lift your nose up a bit and the other to yank the hairs from your nostrils. This is an easy way of getting rid of nose hair but some experts don’t recommend this method. They say that tugging hairs like this can cause ingrown hair in the nostrils and become cause of severe infections too.


While it seems quite impossible, many people do get rid of their nose hair with the help of wax. Waxing causes tugging of the hair too so if you have sensitive skin or you are prone to infections, don’t go for this method.

Using A Pair Of Scissors

You could use grooming scissors to cut the hair in your nose. It is important that you pick only grooming scissors since they have rounded tips. Don’t use the scissors use for cutting paper or fabric. The pointy tips can cause injuries inside the nose.


Cheap trimmers can be found easily at stores near you or online. At only $10 to $20 you can find a good trimmer to get rid of nose hair. You can pick from manual and automatic trimmers too. Trimmers are fast and provide relief from hair for a longer duration.

Laser Hair Removal

Consult with an expert and visit a clinic nearby to get your nose hair removed permanently with laser. Discuss any aftereffects of the laser and any precautions that must be taken.

Regardless of the method you choose for cutting the hair inside your nostrils, make sure you are standing in front of a well-lit mirror. Don’t inhale when you are cutting the hair or a strand might go deeper in the nostril and cause extreme irritation. Keep tissues or water close to you for cleaning your tools.


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