Is Low Testosterone Affecting Your Manhood Too?

Low testosterone, also known as low T or late onset hypogonadism, affects males all around the world. The effects of having low quantity of testosterone in males can lead to several other physical and mental conditions. It is becoming a big concern for males today since media has talked about this condition openly in recent years. It should also be mentioned here that males have shown openness in general to stating these matters and bringing them on top. Here is what you need to know about testosterone, low testosterone, symptoms of low T and its effects on your physical and mental health.

What’s Testosterone?

First, you need to know about testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone of the men and it is responsible for making them men. Although some of it is also present in women but it’s too low to be compared with that of male testosterone. This particular hormone belongs to the androgen group and testicles are the place where it is produced. In males the primary and secondary sexual characteristics depend on the level of testosterone in the body majorly. Tissues in males responsible for reproduction are developed and affected directly by the amount of testosterone in the body.
Almost anything that makes a person male is related to testosterone. The deepening of the voice in men, their body odor, type of skin etc. all depends on their testosterone. The amount of hair on your body also shows the amount of testosterone present in your body. Muscle strength in men is also directly affected by the amount of testosterone. Sebaceous gland also enlarges under the effects of testosterone and this is the main cause of acne in men. Erection and severity of erection in men is also controlled by testosterone. Testosterone is also responsible for your sex drive.

Low Testosterone 

It is a result of the joint efforts of your brain and testes that your testosterone remains at a particular level in the body. However, aging is the main culprit when it comes to lowering of testosterone in your body and it is inevitable. When you start to age the amount of testosterone in the body starts to decrease and goes below the level considered normal. The minimum amount of testosterone you should in your body is 300ng/dL. Anything below that would be considered low. Anything above 300ng/dLand and below 1000ng/dL would be considered normal level of testosterone.

Symptoms Of Low T

There is a misconception present in today’s youth about low T. Most people would start noticing the symptoms of low T in their body and associate it with aging process. However, it’s not always true. The lowering of testosterone in your body should affect you only after you have started to move beyond 40 years of age. If you are noticing symptoms that direct to low T in your body and you are only 31, you should consult with your doctor and look for a cure. The first effect of low testosterone is on male fertility.

You will become infertile under the effects of low testosterone. You will also start to lose your muscle mass because muscle mass is a great indicator of how much testosterone you have in your body. If the voice of a person has not deepened it could be a sign of low T. Very few or no hair on body are also an indication that the person have low levels of testosterone in the body. Adults will lose their interest in sex called the loss of sex drive. Erectile dysfunction is a major effect of low testosterone in males. Enlargement of breasts in males also directs to low T.
Lower levels of testosterone are also responsible for several mental and behavioral conditions in men. Men would start to feel fatigued all the time and they will lose their energy as well. The mood swings become a common problem or they might lose interest in everything in life due to low T. Depression is also an indicator of low testosterone in male’s body. Due to problems with sexual relation with his life partner the person might go into further depression. Shrinkage of testicles and very small production of semen also point to low levels of T in the body.

How To Cure Low T?

There are several ways to either prevent testosterone from lowering in the body or curing the low levels that already exist. One of the methods will require you to take shots of testosterone that will be given to you once every week. This method is mostly used by men who are having low T effects on getting their partners pregnant. This method greatly helps in the ability of swimming of the sperm so impregnating becomes easier with these weekly injections given deep into your muscles of your body.

You could also go for supplements that are meant to increase the testosterone level in your body. These supplements are not primarily used for fertility but to achieve other benefits of having normal testosterone in the body. Implants are also among some common methods. These cylindrical pellets are put into your body in particular locations to provide your body with enough testosterone. There are several different types of gels easily available on the internet and in stores that can be applied on the body. The skin absorbs the gel that contains the testosterone.

In a similar fashion there are patches. These patches are also applied on various parts of your body for your skin to absorb the contents of the patches. There are natural methods to keep your testosterone at normal levels too. For example, you should get enough night sleep and eat foods that promote the production of testosterone in the body. Eat foods that contain zinc, vitamin A and potassium. There are several herbs that can also be used for making up for the low T levels in the body. Keep yourself active, do exercise and avoid obesity. Always talk to your doctor to know the best way of treating your low levels of testosterone in the body.

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