Is Wearing Flowers In Hair A Good Idea For Women?

Women are the creatures who are closest to fashion and who most of the fashion trends are introduced for. Women are a symbol of delicateness and beauty, and the same qualities are associated with flowers as well. Bring them both in the same place and you have a mesmerizing sight ready to be seen. There are many different ways for women to wear flowers whereas men have only a few. Men mostly wear them with their coats and tuxedos only but women can wear them with a variety of dresses and in many different places on their body.

One way for women to flowers is in their hair. Not only does a flower compliment a hairstyle but it also adds to the beauty of the lady wearing it. Of course, there is a certain way of wearing flowers in the hair. Mostly it is recommended that women wear a flower in their hair in the opposite direction of the part. If they have parted their hair from the right side, they should wear the flower on the left side of the head. However, these standards and trends can change from region to region and culture to culture.

In some cultures, the side you wear your flower on can tell a lot about you. In pacific South Pacific the position of the flower on the head tells a big fact about a lady. A lady who is single can be recognized with a flower on the right side of her hair. The position of the flower should be behind the right ear to be precise. If the flower is located behind the left ear, you shouldn’t approach this girl because she definitely has a boyfriend or husband. The flowers worn in the hair also depend on the season, occasion and venue of an event.

Certain flowers are more popular than others for wearing them in the hair. Spray rose, rose, peony, chrysanthemum, pernetiana, feverfew, statice, eucalyptus, Artemisia and lady’s mantle are the most popular flowers worn by women. Of course, you are the one to decide how you want to wear the flowers in your hair. A big flower can be worn as a stand-alone decorative item or you could make a crown, lace or band out of many flowers. You can match the colors of the flowers with your dress or wear one that contrasts. The color range is virtually infinite when it comes to flowers.

The colors of the flowers and flowers themselves are associated with various qualities and characteristics in humans. They reflect certain personalities and so the flower you are wearing can tell people a lot about your personality as well. An apricot rose is considered a symbol of modesty and desire. Camellia is all about gratitude whereas if you want to reflect the innocence and purity of your character then daisy is the best choice. The most obvious is the red rose that signifies the passion and love in your heart. See which flower suits your personality the most and wear it on the next occasion. 


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