The Jewelry Items For You To Look Great In 2019 And 2020

Everyone wants to look beautiful but naturally this passion is found at its summit in women. The fashion trends for women never end and the fact that they can wear almost any color further expands their fashion range. While handbags, clutches, boots, hats etc. are always considered the first main items you would look at when you want to look fashionable, jewelry can never be overlooked. Small and cute looking jewelry items can add elegance to a personality and not to mention, a women looks happier and more delighted when she’s wearing jewelry.

First, it must be mentioned here that most fashion items and accessories in 2014 focused on floral designs so when you are out looking for something cool, make sure you don’t miss the floral designs. Even with the rings this year the floral designs were more prominent than any other designs. Movie stars wore small and big rings but the main focus remained on the floral designs. Another thing that caught attention was the presence of emerald in most rings and other jewelry items. If you want to look cool and fashionable this year, make sure you get your hands on a few emeralds.

If you want to look the girl with the latest and most updated taste in fashion, take a look at few chains in the jewelry shop. We are not talking only about the chains around your neck. Chains are in fashion and you could wear them around your wrist and hand or some other parts of your body. Some stars and models looked great in body chains. These chains will cover your entire body in a very hot and sexy way. What you need to make sure is that you wear the right dress so you could boast the chain around your waist.

You could buy the chain that goes from your wrist to around one of your fingers. If that’s too much, try on the new knuckle rings. These are rings with chains and so you wear them on two fingers at the same time and the chain link between them flaunts an amazing fashion statement. Coming to the earrings, you don’t have to look at the studs and small earrings anymore. This is the year of long and hanging earrings with big sizes. Whether you wear just one earring for fashion or both, make sure it is a long one.

When it comes to the bracelets, go for the big ones this year. You could choose almost any style this year for your bracelet but it has to be a big one. A full sized cuff that covers your wrist would be amazing. You could wear many small ones at the same time to have a big one on your wrist. The necklaces were also dominated by the floral designs so make sure yours has a big floral main piece too. It would be nice to go online, look at a few jewelry websites and then request your loved one to get your favorite item as a gift for you.

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