The Right Way for Women to Find the Right Lipstick

Lipstick is undoubtedly the most popular and favorite makeup item for women all around the world but finding the right one always seems to be a problem for most women. It’s not difficult to choose the right shade but in most cases women don’t know the right way of picking the right lipstick for them. On other occasions they end up choosing the wrong shades only because they start copying their favorite actresses without knowing the differences in facial features and lip structures. Here are some top tips for women to choose the right lipstick:

Tips For Women To Choose The Right Lipstick

Some of the most famous beauty experts say that the lipstick that looks good on you when you have no makeup on your face is the best. In  short, try on lipsticks when you have no other makeup on your face.

Another tip that beauty experts often give for women to choose the right lipstick is that they should pick shades that are darker than their lip colors. One or two shade darker than your lips are the best lipsticks.

Never buy lipstick unless you are able to try it. In certain types of stores you can’t try the lipstick since there is no mirror available to you. The best solution is to carry a small mirror with you in your handbag and use it to see the shades of the lipsticks in the store.

Choosing the red lipstick is quite often a big problem for women because red is a bold color and it needs a lot of courage to put this one on. If you have dark skin complexion, the best red shade for you is in darker tones. Cherry red colors should be picked by women whose skin color is white and pinkish.

Women with thin lips are often complaining about lipstick not looking nice on them. This can happen to women with perfectly shaped and sized lips if they don’t pick the right shades and textures. If you have thin lips you should not go for dark shades and rather opt for light ones. Go for creamy textures since they make your lips look fuller and creamy of course.

There are women who have been bold enough to try this taboo but most beauticians and beauty experts will tell you not to match the color of your lipstick with the color of your dress.

When it comes to applying the lipstick, the first and foremost thing is to prevent it from seeping. This can be done by using powder foundation close and around your lips.

Smearing lipstick effect is another thing you want to avoid. There is a simple solution to that: get a soft tissue paper and hold it between your lips. Press on the tissue gently so the excessive blots of lipsticks get absorbed in it.

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