What’s Digital Marketing And What Should You Know About It?

Digital marketing is the marketing done using the digital medium. This is a broad and vast term that can include Radios and TVs for marketing as well but most of it is now associated with marketing done through internet channels. Websites, emails, banner ads, social networking ads, social media etc. are all the various components of digital marketing. Since the advent of internet it has always been on a rise in popularity and use. More and more people from all around the world are connecting to the internet on a daily basis and benefitting from it.

Just a few years back digital marketing was only associated with computers because computers resting on tables and desks were used for viewing the digital ads. However, as the mobile devices stepped in they became more popular and today’s digital marketing is more directed towards mobile devices. Even the smallest application you download on your smartphone can be used for marketing purposes. The ads can either be shown before the application starts or within the application e.g. inside the games. Conventional and material marketing is still done today but digital marketing has become the most favorite of all the different types of marketing.

There are many reasons as to why digital marketing has become so popular. The most important thing that makes it so popular is the fact that digital marketing allows marketers and companies to see what their return on investment would be. This was not as easily or not possible at all with the old methods of marketing. Today, you can make your website link appear on another website and count every single click on your link and recognize every visitor that has landed on your website following that link. This is a revolutionary aspect of digital marketing that makes it extremely powerful.
Digital marketing can be confusing to people at times because different people see digital marketing in different frames of minds. While some define it more based on the media it uses, others focus more on it effectiveness and how it can be made more effective. In short, we use digital devices to market ourselves and whenever you are connecting with people, interacting with them or influencing them with your ideas, products or services, you are engaging in digital marketing. Websites are parts of digital marketing and so are blogs. Your social networking profiles are also part of digital marketing.

Digital marketing as many faces, facets and aspects. Some digital marketing is done from businesses to businesses, other is done from businesses to consumers. Digital marketing can be push or pull marketing. When customers are already looking for some information and they come to you for it, this is pull marketing. In contrast, digital marketing will be called push marketing when you are sending marketing messages to the consumers even when they are not looking for it. As mentioned above, regardless of the method used for digital marketing, its most common aspect is that it allows the marketers to collect data, calculate return on investment, analyze feedbacks and revise their strategies accordingly. 


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