Major Perks of Using a Parcel Forwarding Service

If you do a lot of international shipping on a regular basis, you are aware how expensive it is to bring products from around the world to your doorstep. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was possible to cut down some of the exorbitant costs and enjoy the products at cheap prices? This is exactly what you get when you sign up with a parcel forwarding service. Do you want to order a product from a different country? Do you enjoy shopping internationally and have to pay huge sums of money for getting the items shipped? Opting for a parcel forwarding service based in the U.S. is an excellent option.

After all, there is a huge number of online stores that are based in the United States and most of them ship locally without any trouble and in a timely fashion. Some major perks that you can get with a parcel forwarding service include:

Receive a US mailing address 

The first major perk that you can get from a parcel forwarding service like is that you will receive a mailing address in the US from where you can forward anywhere in the world. GETMYPACKAGE LOGISTICS NETWORK LLC not only ships the products you order, but can also collect your credit card statements, bills and other pieces of regular mails and forward them to you at a very reduced cost.

Build a business in the US from anywhere 

Once you have received a shipping address in the US, you can begin operating your business in the country with the features and benefits of US parcel forwarding. Some of these parcel forwarding services even give you the option of setting up a virtual office that collects your mail, receives voicemail and even forward calls to you. This means that you can have a business in the United States without setting your foot in the country.

Buy from anywhere and send anywhere 

When you are using a US parcel forwarding service, you can buy a product from any online store and have it shipped to the US address provided to you. From there, the parcel forwarding service you have used will send all your packages to you. They can consolidate all your packages at the address and then send them to you, which allows you to save at least 50% in terms of shipping costs.

Select your package carrier 

Another perk offered by these parcel forwarding services is that they give you the option of choosing the carrier you want to use for sending your parcels, such as FedEx. This gives you the freedom to decide when the parcels are sent and what kind of service you want. A number of parcel forwarding services will provide you with additional insurance for ensuring that your packages are delivered to you safely.

Get parcel repackaging 

When packages arrive to your US address, it is possible that some may not be packed according to international shipping standards. The parcel forwarding service will repackage the products properly and send them to you. 

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