Hemant Lochav: Young Entrepreneur to Watch in 2019

Ideas are literally nothing unless you materialize them. The biggest challenge that people face when it comes to materializing is the lack of confidence. Not everyone is ready to face the challenges and hardships of turning an idea into a reality. Things are even more challenging when it comes to turning your idea into a business and then making that business successful. One young mind in India seems to be full of confidence and the passion to do the impossible. His name is Hemant Lochav and he has already made himself the most inspiring and rising entrepreneurs of India in the current year.

The Dream of Revolutionizing Real Estate Industry

The idea that Hemant worked on seems simple on the surface. However, it was nearly impossible for him to do something that went against the long-held beliefs and ingrained aspects of the real estate business in India. He came up with NevertonY.com and presented the idea of helping people sell their properties for just 9,000 Indian Rupees. That was something that property sellers never expected from the real estate agents. More importantly, Hemant’s idea was going to make him compete against the entire real estate market in the country. His entrepreneurial passion was definitely going to make a lot of people his enemies.

Hemant did not stop and his care for his fellow Indians made him take the big step. He started NevertonY.com and turned it into success with his marketing skills. The industry standard in the country had always been to charge the property seller from 1% to 2% commission on the sale. Hemant completely overturned this rule and introduced the new 9k fees for selling the property for homeowners. When you do the calculation, this price is more than 95% less than the amount that other real estate agents charge for selling properties for their customers.

The Dream That Goes beyond India

While the guys of his age are busy completing their college assignments, Hemant is busy thinking about taking his business into the international market at the age of just 20. He thinks that the idea of saving people money is something that cannot be rejected. In addition to that, he has come up with 12 new ideas of new companies. He has already been experimenting throughout his teen years. He even started a web solution company with his friend. Believe it or not, Hemant has been trying his entrepreneurial skills since the age of just 13.

After the success of his company, he wants to take his business idea to other countries. At the time of writing this, his company is already valued at $22 million.

Final Words

Hemant wants to inspire the Indian youth to think just like him. He believes that anyone can start a company and revolutionize an industry. The only thing that people need is the courage to make mistakes and take risks. Any young students out there who want to know more about Hemant can visit his Instagram or other social networking accounts to get some inspiration to take big and risky steps.


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