Serviced Accommodation - A Better Option for Great Stay Experience

Whether you are planning a long family vacation or need to go for a business trip, serviced accommodation can be a better option to pick. They score higher when compared to hotel because they give a feel of a home when you are away from home. For that reason, a serviced accommodation should be chosen according to your needs and duration of stay in that particular destination.

Make sure to take care of the following when you are looking for a serviced accommodation.


Taking care of the location for serviced accommodation is critically important due to a number of reasons. Generally, serviced accommodations are situated in the centre of the town in order for people to easily commute.  For people looking for an accommodation for a relaxed vacation, the ideal location of serviced apartments is a quiet place and picturesque place. So choose an apartment accordingly. 


Of course, it is vital to have a list of all basic and important amenities that should be available in the serviced accommodation. These include air conditioner, kitchen appliances, geyser, couch, foldable bed, and other important furnishings. Similarly, a good serviced accommodation would have Wi-Fi facilities, 24-hours water supply, laundry facility, security, and intercom facility for room service. Prior booking, make sure if these amenities are added to the rent price so you do not have to pay for them separately.   


If you plan to cook yourself during your stay, make sure the accommodation has all the utensils you would need to cook as well as serve. Some serviced accommodations are annexed to a hotel and so may not provide you the facility to cook yourself. In such case, confirm if they offer room service. However, it is wise to rent out a serviced accommodation with a cafeteria so you can get your tea or coffee early in the morning.   

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