Top things to Do before Opening a Microbrewery

If you are really passionate about brewing beer, setting up a microbrewery is a natural progression. But, before you do, there are some things you need to do. Some of the top ones are:

    1- Get to know other microbrewery owners. Make friends with them and pick their brains about setting up a microbrewery.

    2- Setting up a microbrewery is not the same as any other business. Get in touch with professionals, such as lawyers, banks, accountants and insurers, who are familiar with the ins and outs of a brewery.

    3- Timing is of the utmost importance because it will take you time to set up a brewery and it may not be as early as you think.

    4- Financing is another important factor to consider. Increase your budget by 20%, no matter what source of finance you use because things will always cost more than you anticipate.

    5- Think about the equipment. The microbrewery equipment is an essential element of your business and one you don’t want to compromise on. Make sure you get everything that’s needed for producing your brew the right way.

    6- Location cannot be ignored because it can have a major impact on the success of your microbrewery. Is your target market close? Do you have room to grow? Are there any zoning restrictions you need to be aware of? Should you own or lease? These decisions cannot be taken lightly.

    7- You also need to give some thought to the size of your microbrewery. How small or big do you want it to be? Do you plan to grow in the future? It is best to have a vague idea beforehand so you can make all other decisions accordingly.

    8- Select your logo and name carefully because you want to trademark your identity. Be creative so you can be distinguished from others. 

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