What Is Blogger Outreach And Steps To Build Relations With Bloggers By Waqar Hassan

We have heard the term blogger outreach several times in digital marketing but what is it exactly. How do you build relationships with bloggers for your brand? You will get the answers to both of these questions as you read on. In this article, Waqar Hassan has briefly described what is blogger outreach and what are the easy steps you need to follow to build relationships with bloggers in order to promote your product or service. No, keep reading to learn more about blogger outreach. 

Blogger Outreach Explained

So what exactly is blogger outreach? If you have been blogging for some time now for your brand, you would already know that when you have a blog, you can bring a lot of exposure and traffic to any product that you are selling (if you do it right of course). What is true about blogging is that it is constantly evolving and if you desire to build up a profitable online business, you need to create buzz, create top-quality links and work on relationships with bloggers in your particular niche! 

This is where blogger outreach comes in the picture and where you have to outreach to other bloggers. Blogger outreach is all about developing relationships with other bloggers in your particular niche and making use of your relationships to grow your links and traffic.

It is really a win-win approach for both parties and you cannot expect to flourish in this particular strategy if you do not put your focus on creating quality value for others. This particular strategy is something analogous to word-of-mouth marketing and provides you with great results for your brand in the long term. 

Steps to Build Relationship with Blogger in Blogger Outreach

The following is a detailed step-by-step process for developing positive relationships with other bloggers and carrying out a blogger outreach campaign. The good news for you is that these are rather simple steps, easy to follow, and no complication at all if you do it step by step: 

1st step: The first step to take is to get the ball rolling with a tweet. Follow the blogger on the twitter platform.  Communicate on a frequent basis and leave comments on the links the blogger tweets.  Repeat this process until you get a quality response from the blogger.

Step 2: Leave a brief comment on his blog posts. Also, it is crucial that you read the complete post and leave thoughtful comments to carry on the conversation.

Step 3: Shoot an email to the blogger with who you desire to create a relationship with. At this point, Waqar Hassan stresses that you do not ask for any kind of links yet! But send across the email just to let the blogger know how much you cherish and are fascinated reading their blog posts.

Step 4: The next step as per Waqar Hassan is to ask for a review regarding your product or website you promote. In the meantime, keep linking to his blog posts and send an email each time you link out!

Step 5: Now the final step is to ask for the link or mention if you have posted something cool on your blog. Let the blogger know how his exact blog audience will seek advantage by tweeting your content or linking to it. 

And that is about it! Following these simple 5 steps, you can build and foster a connection with any kind of blogger during a blogger outreach campaign. You just have to make sure that you do not email anyone being desperate for shares or links. This is a very important point and Waqar Hassan says it can backfire for your brand! It is very important that you are genuinely keen to offer help free of cost to others first before you ask for something in return.

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