Prominent Benefits Of Parcel Forwarding Services

International shopping is not an option for everyone, depending on their geographical location. Even if it is a possibility, it can often be cost-prohibitive and this can be extremely disappointing and frustrating for people. Thus, parcel forwarding services are a dream come true for anyone who enjoys shopping internationally. The demand for these services has gone up, as e-commerce has exploded in recent years and people want a simple process for shipping across borders. Parcel forwarding services are the solution you need, as they can provide you with an address that you can use for getting your parcels delivered and then they forward them to you. 

There are a number of prominent benefits of these services, which are highlighted below:

Lower shipping costs

The first thing you should note about parcel forwarding services is that the shipping costs are a lot lower, as opposed to when you use carriers for international shipping. These services are able to negotiate better rates and are able to offer 80% savings. Who does not want to keep their costs low while shopping internationally? Of course, you do and parcel forwarding services are the answer.

Package consolidation 

Another major advantage that you can enjoy with parcel forwarding services is that they offer parcel consolidation, which means that they merge a number of your packages into one. This can offer you a number of perks, as you can save money on shipping. The parcel forwarding service can collect all your packages at their warehouse and you can request them to consolidate after they have gotten all of them. 

Purchase assistance 

There are times when you are shopping online that stores may not accept your credit cards, or there may be another issue. This is particularly true if you are shopping from stores in the US, as they do not accept foreign credit cards. What do you do then? This is another situation where parcel forwarding services, such as, can be incredibly helpful because they offer personal shopping services. They will make purchases on your behalf and then ship them to you, as per your preference. 

Custom clearance

Another major benefit that people can enjoy thanks to parcel forwarding services is custom clearance. Plenty of people get their packages stuck with customs due to one reason or the other and getting clearance can be extremely difficult, not to mention costly. With parcel forwarding services, you can eliminate the hassle because they are the ones who will deal with customs and will provide all the documents and complete any other formalities that may be involved. Hence, you do not have to do anything and can receive packages at your own address. 

Additional services

Last, but certainly not least, parcel forwarding services can also offer you a number of other services that can enhance your online shopping experience. They can store your packages in their warehouse for as long as you want and can help you shop from different countries. They also offer tracking services, so you will know where your parcels are at any given moment. 


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