Beautify Your Home with Metal Balustrade

Metal is among the most used construction materials, accounting for over 290 million in steel consumption for building construction. With industries developing new construction materials, steel remains prevalent in construction, design, and manufacturing.

The durable and tough metal alloy has distinctive structural properties, allowing it to withstand whatever calamities come while enhancing your home’s beauty. But that’s not all! Below we discuss why metal railings are the perfect barrier material:

A Quick Glance at Metal Balustrades

Metal balustrades are vital components of an interior and exterior staircase and railing. It comprises a top rail, spindles, hardware securing the system, and the bottom rail.

A metal balustrade sets the tone for the overall staircase or terrace, giving it a more contemporary look.

Top Three Benefits of Metal Balustrades

Stainless steel outshines regular steel and traditional metals since it boasts several elements that make it corrosion-resistant. Not only that, but it also offers the following benefits:

-  Complements a Modern and Contemporary Home

Steel balustrades are solid and ductile railings promising longevity and attraction. The sleek, flexible material enhances the look of modern and contemporary homes.

In addition, you can style, size, and color the material to match your unique taste!

-  Promises Sustainability and Longevity

Stainless steel railings stand out because they feature their lightweight and robust. Thus, they promise 25+ years of lifespan.

Plus, since it’s ductile and malleable, it can withstand wear and tear, resist structural damage, and bear heavy loads.

-  Requires Little to No Maintenance

Another fantastic benefit of stainless steel railings is that it requires minimal maintenance. You only have to run an annual tensioning check and wipe it clean with a polish and soft cloth.

The best part? Its corrosion-resistance properties ensure it doesn’t rust or lose its appeal.

Wrap Up- Modernize Your Home with Instant Metal Fabrication

Beautify living spaces with aesthetic and high-quality metal balustrades! Reach out to our professionals at InstantMetalFabrication to discuss your home stair railing and terrace project needs.

Our certified and experienced metal railing and handrailing manufacturers will guide you on which material matches your client’s functionality and styling taste! Get started by scheduling an appointment today! 

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