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•    PublicitateOnline.biz uses various analytic tools for analyzing the visitors on the website. This is done to make the website better and improve the user experience.

PublicitateOnline.biz furnishes all content for the purpose of information only. The content you find on the website or on other sources that you access via this website is not represented as “complete” or “accurate” by the blog owner. It is not the liability of the owner of the blog if some information provided in the content is not complete or accurate. The availability of the information is not the liability of the blog owner and any omissions found in the content is not the responsibility of the owner too. Losses or damages that may result from the use of information found on the website will not make the blog owner responsible or liable for them. At any time that PublicitateOnline.biz finds suitable, changes can be made to the Terms of Services. These changes can be made without any prior notice.
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